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Commercial St 2 gables
lavendar plants
EV charging
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Ptown shingle gable (2)
Image by Mischa Frank
  • Architectural style

    • Cape Cod vernacular ​with modern articulation

    • authentic white cedar shingle sidewall

    • 6 buildings configured in a courtyard setting

  • Old Kings Highway Commission

    • view from Route 6A​

    • architecture consistent & sympathetic w Cape Cod style

    • no visibility of PV solar arrays

  • Sustainability 

    • energy efficient construction​
    • 40 kw solar array
    • low nitrogen septic system
    • electric: heat pumps, cooking, laundry
    • low water, low pesticide native plant landscaping
  • Affordability 

    • modestly priced work-force housing

    • accessible homes for seniors and disabled

    • address dire shortage of housing in the community

    • 3 affordable subsidized apartments

  • Traffic & Parking

    • Entry and exit off Nells Way, not Rt 6A​

    • fewer daily vehicular trips than the former retail plaza

    • 80+ parking spaces for residents and guests

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